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We are a group of volunteers who are extremely concerned about the potential expansion of Biggin Hill Airport. Our mission statement more…

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BASIC FACTS and more vital details…

    • Biggin Hill Airport operates more hours per week than City Airport
    • Biggin Hill Airport is forecast to have a 72% increase in business jets
    • Helicopter operation is allowed during unsocial hours (they advertise a 6 minutes transfer to London)
    • Regional Airlines Ltd, the parent of BHA Ltd. have already bought the farm at the end of the runway
    • The present operators of Biggin Hill Airport previously owned Southend Airport which is now operating as a 24 hour Airport more…
    • A new CEO, David Winstanley, has been appointed from Birmingham Airport to provide the skills required in the airports development. He replaces Will Curtis the previous MD.

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Contact us:  flightpathwatch@btinternet.com

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